This is Jim Swearingen from Kenner, he is designing the toys…

The most fun project I have been on to date, it didn’t take much to get excited to be a part this show. I had every Star Wars toy you could imagine when I was little. So when I walked on set, I felt like a little kid, especially when I saw the big Millennium Falcon. I had never seen one that big before! The show was directed by Tom Stern, who was easy going and a blast to work with. I’m really grateful for the time I had that day to work with everyone. It really didn’t feel like work at all. I can’t believe the show became so successful, and after the episode aired, the real Jim Swearingen and I became friends.


Director: Tom Stern
Writer: Benjamin J. Frost
Producers: Benjamin J. Frost, Michael Greggs, Richard Mayerik, Mike Ponterotto, Ian Roumain, Brian Volk-Weiss, Edwin Zane
Editors: James Anderson, Nick Ferrell, Benjamin J. Frost
Production Designer: Russell Jaeger

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