Sir, do not rabble-rouse me! 

Missing Her is my first project where I wrote and executive produced in addition to acting and I got to say it was one of the biggest challenges I've ever undertaken. Accompanied by an excellent crew that I was very fortunate and lucky to find, our 14 minute short examines letting go of someone close and the difficulties of the how. I was inspired by several filmmakers such as Yorgos Lanthamos and Wes Anderson and I wanted to get a sense of their style in this film. Karl Shefelman who directed the film was successful in that endeavor working with our DP Leland Krane to bring amazingly rich shots as well with our production design team to bring to life the frozen in time stale world of Douglas along with the absurdly delicateness of the beach. I am proud of everyone's work in this film and I'm so glad that they were a part of this project. Moreover, I am so proud of this film for many reasons, but most important is that this piece was inspired/motivated by a special friend who I lost not so long ago.


Mike Gerbi

Lena Josephine Marano

Trent Dawson


Director: Karl Shefelman
Writer: Mike Gerbi
Producer: Jennifer Plotzke
Executive Producer: Mike Gerbi
DP: Leland Krane
Composer: Giovanni Spinelli
Editors: Katie Dillon & Karl Shefelman
Production Designer: Rachel Aileen Abraham
Casting Director: Paul Russell

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